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a midsummer night's dream

jessica kubzansky, director

ann closs-farley, costume design

utah shakespeare festival

Changeling color
The Child color
Snug color 2
Sung as Lion color
Lion mask color
Tom Snout color 2
Tom Snout as Father 2 color
Tom Snout as the Wall color
Robin Starveling color 2
Moonshine color
Thisbe's Mother color
Petra Quince color 2
Francis Fluke color 2
Francis Fluke as Thisbe color
Nick Bottom color 2
Bottom as Pyramus color
Theseus color
Hippolyta color
Hermia color
Helena color
Demetrius color
Lysander color
Egeus color
Oberon color
Thistleweed color
Titania color
Peaseblossom color
Moth color
Mustardseed color
Cobweb color
Philostrate color
Puck color 2
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