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Adriana Lámbarri is a Hispanic costume designer based out of Southern California, born and raised in San Diego. Her passion for thoughtful character development and storytelling lead her to costume design after working both domestically and internationally in the fashion industry for over 10 years. This has allowed her to bring a unique perspective to her designs which have been seen in a wide range of productions for film and theater throughout LA and Orange counties. She finds her ability to navigate between the two mediums deeply enriching and is always conscious by how both influence one another in her work. Her costume designs for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's immersive exhibit A Game For Life, featuring the legendary Joe Namath's captivating holographic presence is a perfect example of this. Additionally, she collaborates with other costume designers and has illustrated several projects for them which include work with Shanghai Disney, Norwegian and Carnival Cruise Lines, Marvel Studios, La Jolla Playhouse, The Guthrie Theater, and Cleveland Opera to name a few.

Adriana firmly believes the best outcomes are born out of meaningful scripts, excellent research, and a solid collaboration with talented, positive, open-minded team members. 

"For me, I get immense satisfaction digging into scripts, interpreting them into a sort of map of clothing, then helping create real, believable characters. They can be in all kinds of situations ranging from both ordinary or fantastical, or somewhere in between. It really doesn't matter so long as the story gets told in the best way possible. No detail is unimportant. This is what keeps inspiring me to find the answers. This is something I get to do".

- Adriana

When she isn't hunting down the perfect pair of obscure colored socks or poking around in dusty costume stocks, she can be found enjoying time with her family; perhaps building a pillow fort, helping her son with his Spanish, or getting sand in EVERYTHING at the playground. She also enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes. Her current challenge is perfecting Angel food cake. (The egg whites keep collapsing  due to over mixing, she suspects.) She is a proud member of United Scenic Artists Local 829.

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